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Elemental Midwifery and Healing

Curriculum Design

The Elemental Midwifery and Healing Course is a revolutionary support for a mom-to-be. This course was the brain child of Rachael Cohen, and in 2019 and 2020 I had the grace to work through the course and support the manifestation of the online version of the curriculum. Working with Rachael we visioned what types fo sections would fit her content, how pregnant moms would be able to absorb that work, and finally I worked with Rachael to polish her excellent text. It has been a pleasure to see it come into the world.

Central Colorado SURJ


In 2020, in light of ever increasing need to address systemic inequality, the Colorado Rockies opened a local branch of the national organization, Showing Up For Racial Justice. This group is working hard to confront the white supremacy of our mountain communities, as well as call attention to the history of our lands in regards to First Peoples. Helping to design the structure, layout, and color choices for this website was a great challenge.

Jan Thoreen Lewis Fine Arts

Technical Vision

Jan and I were able to redevelop her website during the fall of 2017 (including logos and banners) and launch a new site in the winter of 2018. In 2018 I assisted Jan in the publication of 20 blogs and continued to help her think through how she wanted to reach out to future buyers. We are currently developing a Wix site that will launch in 2019, allowing her to edit, add and build on her art gallery and social media presence. This new space should make it easier for clients to find out about her unique artistic vision. 

View her evolving site at:  

Sunshine Massage Studio

Composition Coach

Sunshine, the owner of Sunshine Massage Studio, has an incredible vision for her clients and herself. I did an extended coaching session to talk through what she will need to consider to reach her goals, including thinking through a Vlog and new course design.  

Imaginative Badger Consulting Portfolio

Empowering your expression.

Golden Mean

Guided Writing

Starting in the fall of 2018 I have had the opportunity to work with Golden Mean, a tech consulting company that specializes in addressing complex problem solving for companies and connecting senior developers with great opportunities. I worked with the founder to articulate identity as well as cowrote and directed the web text development for a launch push. This relationship not only resulted in clean web copy, but also helped the founder delve into his intent for the company and articulate a long term vision for Golden Mean.

Chaffee Arts

New Outreach

In 2017 I began working for Chaffee Arts to help support the organization outreach, specifically by helping the organization design a functional webspace, and training the board to be able to maintain the webspace longterm. After interviewing the board, talking about their priorities currently and in the future, and considering their audience, we were able to settle on a design and outline. 

View the evolving Chaffee Arts webspace at:

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