Retreat Facilitation

Learning at Altitude

Having been specifically trained in curriculum development and the organization of learning environments, I aim to create a retreat that leaves your group feeling empowered to continue growing. If you are interested in your team coming together in a beautiful mountain setting I am happy to facilitate your experience.


Empowering You

I offer a variety of writing centered services ranging from workshops, individual coaching to doing the technical writing for you. My goals is to help you find the words that represent your best work.

Digital Design

Supporting You

My goal in working with digital design for you is to facilitate a web space that you feel ownership over. After we develop your design I want you to feel comfortable adding, updating or tweaking your digital home.

Technical Assistant

Understanding You

Technology can move quickly and be time consuming to learn. I hope to support you as you get onto the web with coaching or completing technical tasks.

Imaginative Badger Consulting Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

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