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Empowering You

I offer a variety of writing centered services ranging from workshops, individual coaching to doing the technical writing for you. My goals is to help you find the words that represent your best work.


  • Writing Coach $75 per hour or 5 Sessions for $300

    • Develop ease with writing challenges, hone your skills, reduce anxiety, and create consistently

  • Audience Assessment Consultation $250  for two hour session

    • Defining your ideal audience, and creating a style to meet them

  • Resume Consultation (collaborative writing, design and editing) $350 for 3 hour session

  • Content Editing $65 per hour

  • Blogs $50 per 250 words

  • Information Sheets and Fliers $50 per hour

  • Cards and Brochures $50 per hour

  • White Paper  $75 per hour or per document

Instructions and Manuals $75 per hour or per document

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